Saturday, 7 September 2013

Playlist - It's Easier To Look Punk Rock In Autumn

 I feel so bad not posting here in like a month and a half, but hopefully that should change soon! You'll just have to ~bear with me~ while I make sure I'm on top of school work rather than constantly leaving it till the last minute (unlike last year where I almost always did oops).

Autumn's coming in all of a sudden; apparently the British Summer officially ended today (not sure about everywhere else but it's probably around now too) and as of today it's Autumn! I'm so happy about this because even though Summer's great (no school, the Sun's out, that sort of thing) I prefer Autumn/Winter for the clothes, feel, and just in general. In fact I love Autumn so much that I decided to make a lil playlist to kind of try and welcome in all the **Autumny vibes** and stuff - enjoy!(ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

Do you prefer Autumn or Summer? I'm curious because all over the internet there's this split opinion; half are practically in tears over the end of Summer, and half are having a little party as Autumn begins.

~Jade ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

WHAT TIME IS IT????????????


 It's finally SUMMER
 Yesterday was my last day at school for the next 6 weeks; and my last day of being in Year 10; although Year 10 was probably one of the best years of my school life, I'm glad it's finally come to an end. I really needed a break, to be able to concentrate on things that aren't school-related (such aaas; this blog (!!!! explanation for my lil break at the end yo), art, learning guitar, sleeping, ~hanging out~ with friends etc etc), to be able to relax without feeling guilty that I was procrastinating doing the work that was due in the next day. IT JUST FEELS SO GOOD TO NOT HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT DEADLINES AND STUFF FOR A WHILE LIKE WOAH ! 

 A lot happened in the school year, even though it seems like it went really fast; every year seems to go like this though. You think it's going by slowly, each day dragging by at times, but once you're at the end you realise how it really sped by. Weird. It's also weird to think I have less than a year left at school, and that I'll only be 15 when I leave (August birthday woo). Hopefully everything will have gone okay in Year 11, and this time next year I'll be relieved instead of regretting every little thing - fingers crossed!

 I feel like I should kind of catch you up on things that have been happening in my life??? 
A few birthday parties were attended and let me just say they were fab-u-lous


These are all from the first party yo
At the second party we didn't take many photos but we ate great food and talked about sweet stuff and did dumb dancing so it was cool anyway.
I just realised I never posted any photos from New York woah
But yeah New York was a thing that happened (alllll the way back in February) that was AMAZING TIMES TEN

healthy eating w ow 

I have also recently taken a couple of photos of my shoes 

And done some small paintings towards my art sketchbook

(And here are some doodle-y things and patches I've done/made that don't really have much to do with anything I was just proud of them)

Making a new little zine✌��
*coughs* zine I started making on Friday guyzzz

As well as all of these things I hung out with the cool kidz I get to call my friends quite a lot recently bc Summertime everyone gets more sociable and everything turns all happy rainbows and butterflies lets be honest here.

(I obviously did other stuff but I can't remember every little detail I mean it's been a while yo)

 Tomorrow I'll probably post a kind of Summery vibey inspiration post to ~*kick off the Summer*~ but for now you just get this weird tiny mashup of thoughts, sorry!


P.S. These are a few of the reasons behind my 'little' absence;
 - Stress !!!!
 - I'd put all my creativity and stuff into other things oops 
 - Coursework to finish (especially art like I didn't realise how long my final piece type thing would take w h y)
 - Tiredness
 - I'm not even sure gosh I'm just so sorry if anyone actually cares this is a direct internet hug out to you 

Saturday, 30 March 2013

The Magic and Wonder of the Mysterious Teenage Bedroom ~Reuploaded~

It seems to be a well known fact just about everywhere on the internet that every teenage bedroom is amazing - it's just one of those things. Tumblr is filled with photos of rooms decorated until they can't contain any more personality, and the main characters of just about every movie aimed at teenagers have rooms to match them, no matter how crazy, strange or plain they are. I guess this post is mainly for inspiration, because I just took the photos down from my wall ready to change my room's look ready for spring and summer! 

This looks like it's from a movie or something but it's just so beautifully cliché, from the pom-pom on the floor to the flags on the wall to the shelves full of nostalgia ahhhhh 

You had me at 'whatever' 

It's photos like this that make me desperately wish I had a dressing table so I could make it at least half as cute at this

This looks so warm and cosy awww 

 Those star curtains are toooooooooo cute 

Do I see All Time Low lyrics yes I do yes I dooooo 

 I think the things that all of these ~fabulous~ rooms have in common are pretty lighting, stuff on the walls and a cosy and/or calm atmosphere; now that I've figured that out, we can move onto the DIY-ish bit! 

 Pretty Lighting
 Lighting is essential in giving your room a certain atmosphere-a simple change in the colour or brightness of the lighting can make your room look completely different! 

 This toadstool light from Urban Outfitters is said to emit a 'soft and warm glow' 

These paper lanterns from pbteen come in a variety of colours, that would each give a different effect. 

MK 20m Length Of 120 Warm White Indoor And Outdoor Static Connectable LED String Lights Black Rubber Cable Mains Plug Not Included
 You can buy so many different kinds of fairy lights at fairylightuk it's unreal 

 Cool stuff on walls
 This part is more personal - you could put whateeever you want on your walls, or maybe even nothing at all! Some suggestions would be photos of you and your friends, photos you've taken, pictures of stuff you like or that inspires you to be creative, a map, inspirational quotes, posters of your favourite bands/artists, the list goes on and on. You could organise them messily, neatly, it's all up to you and your personal preference; this is part of what makes the bedroom yours. 

 This is another of the components of a bedroom that make it personal, give it life. They could be things that have sentimental value to you, or just something you like to collect or think looks pretty - anything goes! Also I am very proud of the fact that I managed to use the words 'nicknacks' and 'doodads' on this blog it may be one of my biggest achievements this year who knows. 

 Overall I think what makes a teenage bedroom truly ~*~magical~*~ is the amount of personality injected into it, the fact that it's almost like a shrine to both what you used to be into and what you're into now. If you dig deep enough into your room you might find even stuff from when you were a little kid, or even from last year, who knows. Try to make your room yours - you're going to be in it for a while, you might as well make sure it reflects what kind of a person you are! ~Jade(ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧
p.s. I had to reupload this because I am a big poo head and deleted the post the first time round oops

Playlist - It Rains A Lot In England

I'm in one of those moods where all I want to do is listen to English indie rock bands and be all creative and cutesy and stuff ahhhhh
Acting like your life is an indie drama/comedy film is optional while listening to this okay

p.s. I am finally finally going to start making the zine okay I am going to s t o p putting it off wish me luck

Friday, 29 March 2013

Friday Night Pretty Things (PRETTY MAJESTIC THAAANGS)

 Okay so I should probably start off by apologising for the 183692743th time for my absence, the reasons for it are pretty much the same as they usually are; not enough time, and when I do have time I'm really burned out and tired so I can't really focus on blogging. Hopefully now that it's the Easter Holidays I'll be able to blog more! Anyway I'm going to stop blathering on and get to posting lalalaa






this picture has made my day just a little bit better
your blog becomes 300% better once you reblog this




TumbleBoard for iPhone and iPad
I think I'm going to faint this is too cute

I need one of these asap they're perfect and combine two of my favourite things space and cute neckaces


transparent titanium quartz edit




1940’s girls passing notes during class…

There might be more than one post tonight, to make up for my lack of uploading recently, so look forward to that! (or not I'm not gonna tell you how to live your life okay)


Friday, 15 March 2013

Friday Night Pretty Things (P-p-pretty majestic thingzzzz)

Imagine how cute it would be sharing this with some cute boy in a cute diner aww (or maybe you live my dreams and don't have to imagine sob sob)

Have I ever mentioned how amazing 500 Days of Summer is


please don’t change the source if this gets any notes x
This is slightly more appealing than the grey mess I've seen from the window today

Mmm mmmmm

Need need neeeeed




Fifi Chachnil- 80




im only after success 


♨ transparent blog ♨

♨ transparent blog ♨